First Republic Tickets: 4 $1000-level Visionary Tickets for the Price of 2



The 63rd Annual Dance Magazine Awards

Carlos Acosta (presented by Ben Stevenson)
Debbie Allen (presented by George Faison)
Camille A. Brown (presented by Theresa Ruth Howard)
Laurieann Gibson (presented by Brian Friedman)
Alonzo King (presented by William Forsythe)
The Harkness Promise Award recipients are Marjani Forté-Saunders and Kyle Marshall (presented by Joan Finkelstein)
The Chairman’s Award will honor Darren Walker (presented by Lourdes Lopez)

4 Tickets- Each $1,000 VISIONARY ticket includes:

    • A tax-deductible donation to fund the Harkness Promise Awards
    • A private talk with the Harkness Promise Awardees
    • A festive preshow with toasts given by Ronald K. Brown, Tiler Peck, Julie Kent, Desmond Richardson, Joan Myers Brown, Judith Jamison, Virginia Johnson, Alessandra Ferri, Susan Stroman and Damian Woetzel
    • A bottle of champagne and two “Dance Magazine Awards 2020” etched champagne flutes
    • Attendance to the 2020 Dance Magazine Awards
    • A one-year subscription to Dance Magazine
    • ($925 tax-deductible)